Saturday, June 20, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Creiton's Sword by Steven Baird

TITLE: Creiton's Sword
AUTHOR: Steven Baird
PUBLISHER: IUniverse, 2000
ISBN 978-0595133093 (464 pages)

Creiton's Sword is about a boy becoming a soldier in the heat of battle. It is the tale of a young man discovering his own abilities and limitations. It is the story of a man becoming something more than he could have ever expected. It is a coming-of-age epic that engrosses the reader and has that rare quality of making you forget what time it is.

The cover of the book has very little to do with the story, and I know that even Steven was put off by it. If and when he ever decides to re-release this novel, I sincerely hope he can find an artist who will be able to grab the spirit of the work and render it justice.

Steven Baird has something few writers have any more: talent. His ability to grab the reader with his storyline and take you along for the ride is phenomenal. The imagery is vivid, the characters believable. Definitely a page-turner with a satisfying ending.

I have known Steven for many years, and this is only the first example of his fine writing style. He currently is working on a sequel to Creiton's Sword, but I am really looking forward to seeing his fine fantasy novel Dragon in print soon.

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