Monday, June 8, 2009

Making New Friends/Networking

I attended Hypericon 5 in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend. My intention was originally to attend mainly to do some networking to promote my book and help find contacts for the booksigning tour that starts in August. Instead, I found myself actually enjoying the company of several wonderful folks.

One of the most fascinating couples I met were Tracy and Ben Eller of World of Strange Fantastic Apparel. The T-shirts arrayed on their table bragged parodies of covers from some of the sci-fi and horror magazines I grew up with. I have to admit I have never seen better renditions of that artwork of old combined with the actual names of writers and artists dating from the late forties. Of course, they have material licensed from such artists as Dave Simons, Michael Whelan, and Cyril van der Haegen; cover art of crime noir books, comics; and the regular T-shirt madness. I definitely look forward to seeing them again. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

It was great to meet up again with Stephen Zimmer, author of Exodus Gate from Seventh Star Press. Stephen is a writer and a filmmaker. His latest film, Shadows Light, is available on DVD. Stephen and I spoke with the gentlemen of Cineline Productions about a promotional short for my book Ascendant. Matt and Sven were very enthusiastic about the project and I am excited to be working with them on it. More on that as it develops. Meanwhile, I will be posting a review of Exodus Gate shortly.

Dan and Jackie Gamber of Meadowhawk Press were there. I was disappointed that Bill Snodgrass of Double-Edged didn't make it, but maybe we can get together soon.

I got to talk with D. A. Adams, author of the Brotherhood of Dwarves books. His story about how John-Rhys Davies was so fascinated by the first book that he gave permission to use his name and image in promotions for the book is an example of how even lesser known authors can receive the recognition they are due. Alex is still reeling from that, I think, even after the release of the second book in the series, Red Sky at Dawn.

Of course, I have to mention Samuel Flegal, who sketched me "as you would look after the apocalypse", i.e. as a zombie. Sam's very talented and I hope to be able to work with him in future as well.

Also attending were Stephanie Osborn, Kat Hibpshman, Sara Harvey, Jason Sizemore, M.R. Williamson, and a host of other writers and artists. Thanks to all for the fun!