Sunday, September 6, 2009

Playing Catch-up

August went by so quickly! What with the Imagicopter event on the 22nd and the rush to finish Emperor in time, I clean forgot to update this blog. Well, one must have priorities.

The Imagicopter event was a huge success. I have to credit Davis-Kidd Booksellers' event coordinator Christina Meek for the majority of the success. Her help was invaluable, giving us exactly the support we needed when we needed it. A true professional. Thanks, Christina!

Of course, without the writers and artists there wouldn't have been much of an event. My thanks to CRS Bailey, Tyree Campbell, Jackie Gamber, Allan Gilbreath, Windsong Levitch, David Nora, Debra Parmley, Herika Raymer, Kimberly Richardson, and MR Williamson. Their entertaining attendance kept the event uplifting and bright. The readings, the interviews, the jokes, and the banter made the time fly by.

And the artists Sam Flegal and Ernest Lawson added a most welcome extra kick to the event. Sam's zombie portraits were a big hit and Ernest's portrait work is unexcelled. Nor should I fail to mention our own Sharpie artist Ellen Gamber, whose fantasy body art kept the younger attendees fascinated.

For a complete report on the event, with pictures, check out the website Black Box page. If every Imagicopter event goes half as well as that one, I will be more than content.

The next event is scheduled for this coming Saturday in Hernando, MS. Wish us luck!

On the writing front, I'm fairly certain my story Kelly's Beast has been accepted by Kerlak Publishing for their WTF Anthology (edited by Mark Fitzgerald). I have nearly completed the editing on High Kings, which I will be forwarding to SamsDot Publishing for possible publication, and from there I go on to complete The Boathouse and start major work on the last Thran novel, Deity. Angelkiller, my horror/thriller novel, is currently on the back burner out of necessity.

I currently have three new interviews up and online: Seventh Star Press' blogcast series #3, another BTR interview on Missa Dixon's Urban Homesteading, and Debra Parmley's Make-Believe Mondays blog. Stop by and spend a few minutes with me.

Well, back to work... keep your powder dry.