Monday, November 9, 2009

Where does the year go?

October zipped by. There was so much going on, there simply didn't seem to be enough time to hold it all.

I am spending so much time with Imagicopter issues that my writing has unfortunately taken a back seat. To remedy this, I have asked Jennifer Mulvihill and MR Williamson to help, and they have been gracious enough to agree. I would be extremely remiss to ignore the participation and invaluable aid of my daughter, Herika Raymer, in the nitty-gritty bits and pieces that make up the framework of Imagicopter.

Over the past month, we have had the participation of Allan Gilbreath, Debra Parmley, David Nora, J. Moffett Walker, Stephanie Osborn, Kimberly Richardson, Michael Greenway, C. Leigh McInnis, Dean Johnson, Dr. Selby Parker, Andy Childress, Shane Sullivan, Lottie Boggan, Johnny Lowe... the list goes on and on. This project has exploded over the last few months and I have been immensely privileged to meet and work with some marvelously talented individuals.

In other news, I have sent the manuscript to SamsDot Publishing for the second fantasy book, EMPEROR, and also to a novella, HIGH KINGS. Looking forward to the verdict on those two works, as well as for the two stories I have sent to Kerlak Publishing, Kelly's Beast for the WTF Anthology and Phoenix for the upcoming steampunk anthology. Now that we have a slight hiatus before the next Imagicopter event, I should be able to finish a couple of stories I have started, plus take a shot on something for a story call I caught from one of the online/print magazines.

Still working on the secret society novel, the thriller/occult novel, and the inevitable vampire novel. Look for continuing updates (and maybe some excerpts from one or all of them) in upcoming blog posts.

Back to the salt mines...