Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Right Along...

Just got word that my short story Here There Be Dragons (Dragons Composed anthology, Kerlak Publications, 2010) has been named as a finalist for the Darrell Award for 2010's Best Midsouth Short Story by the Memphis Science Fiction Association. This places me in some very talented company, including CRS Bailey, Jackie Gamber, Angelia Sparrow, and Naomi Brooks. The awards jury reads a ton of material each year, so it is especially nice to be named a finalist.

I have been doing quite a bit of traveling this month. On February 6, I attended an Imagicopter event at the Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, TN. I can't give the DKB folks high enough marks for their friendly attitude and support. It was a pleasure being there and getting the chance to touch base again with my Imagicopter friends. Attending were D.A. Adams, Jackie Gamber, Sara Harvey, Stephanie Osborn, Debra Parmley, MR Williamson, and Stephen Zimmer. We had a visit from Fred and Stephania Grimm of Hypericon fame, and a host of Stephen's friends from the area.

The weekend of February 13 my daughter Herika and I went to Florida for my sister's wedding. It was a long trip, but fun, and we got a chance to visit with my nephews, nieces, grands, and lots of friends.

This last weekend I took Herika and the two grandkids to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. It has changed significantly since last I was there (has it been nearly 20 years?), but it's still a magic place and I have to go back soon to see what we missed. Yes, the grandkids will go along as well.

Next month promises to be at least that busy, if not more so. No rest for the wicked...