Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Continuing Stooooory...

After the MidSouthCon excitement of the beginning of this month, it is difficult to get back into the groove of writing, but I have accomplished quite a bit.

Sam's Dot returned EMPEROR to me for rewrite. I appreciate the feedback I got from Tyree Campbell and Mitch Bentley and will do my best to repair the damage I did to the story while trying to compress the original three books into one. To say it will be a challenge to do in the short time available is an understatement, but, in the words of Blackadder's dogboy Baldrick, "I have a cunning plan."

Meanwhile, stories are now out to Aoife's Kiss (a Sam's Dot publication), Kerlak's steampunk anthology, Shelter of Daylight (also Sam's Dot), Midnight Screaming (it'll be in the mail shortly, Kara!), and further stories are growing in the pages of the ever-present spiral notebooks that populate my office.

With the advent of spring, I have re-established my writing post on the front porch, where I can take in the air, enjoy the woods that surround my domicile, and partake of a good cigar, fine whisky, and the company of an interesting, bizarre, disturbing, and/or inspiring muse.

Life is good.