Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

For the last couple of months I have been working on the rewrite for EMPEROR, attending events, and generally enjoying the spring.

There is nothing much more satisfying to me than spending time on my front porch with a pencil and paper, watching the woods, and sipping a fine whiskey while my muse teases me with visions of creativity that more often than not manifest as words on the page. In spite of the great technological tool advances available to writers today, I still find the traditional paper and pencil the most effective way to connect with my work.

But enough of my exposition...

Since my last entry, which was too long ago, I have finished three short stories, one which I completed with no idea where it might find publication (No More Running), one which I intend to inflict on Sam's Dot shortly (Sparks), and one I hope will find a spot in Papercut Books' upcoming Call of Lovecraft anthology (The Shed). The rewrite on EMPEROR is done, and I await feedback from my proofreaders before forwarding it to Tyree and Mitch for approval. I also forwarded End Game to Sam's Dot for their Infradead invitation anthology, a short story that was to appear in the Even More Monsters from Memphis anthology, had it actually seen print.

I attended Imagicon this past weekend in Birmingham, Alabama, and I cannot praise the job the convention committee did highly enough. I understand that there was a major shakeup in the committee only a few weeks before the event that crippled them significantly, but I saw no evidence that they were fazed by that. The staff were generous and courteous, personable and a joy to work with.

Guests at the convention were Gil Gerard and Erin Gray (of Buck Rogers, the television series) and John Billingsley (of Star Trek: Enterprise). I am a great fan of the Buck Rogers series, and a serious fan of Ms. Gray, who looks as lovely now as then. Mr. Gerard still has that quick, mischievous smile and wit, and they both handled the attention with ease and aplomb. Mr. Billingsley and wife Bonita Friedericy tolerated my ignorance with grace and enthralled the audience with their charm.

I had the honor to spend a great deal of time with Deborah Smith Ford, and her daughter Courtney, whose company was an immense source of enjoyment for me and my daughter. Ms. Ford is a multi-talented individual -- an actress, writer, and speaker. Someone who is well worth meeting and I hope in future to spend more time with her, discussing film, family, and art.

I found that the traveling for conventions and events does not agree with me as much as it used to, but the trip to Birmingham was well worth the effort. I believe I will be returning next year for Imagicon 2011.

I plan on attending Hypericon the first weekend of June in Nashville, followed by Mississippi PulpCon and the Southern Fried ComicCon in Jackson, MS. That, plus my writing, a chance to speak to the Southwest Tennessee Freelance Writers Guild, and my continued participation with the great people of Word Catchers, means that the upcoming month will be one of the busiest of the year so far.

I hope I can get some writing done in the meantime.