Friday, July 9, 2010

Man, Is It Just Me, or Is It Busy in Here?

Let's see, what's been going on?

Kelly's Beast was accepted for the WTF Mysteries anthology (Mark Fitzgerald, editor, Kerlak Publishing) appearing shortly.

Phoenix was accepted for the Dreams of Steam anthology (Kimberly Richardson, editor, Kerlak Publishing) appearing shortly

Sands of the Marid will appear in Shelter of Daylight from Sam's Dot Publishing this October.

The story The Shed is on the short list for the Call of Lovecraft anthology from Papercut Books (J. Travis Grundon, editor).

Emperor, my next novel, should appear around the end of the year from Sam's Dot Publishing, with my novella High Kings shortly thereafter.

Have stories under consideration at Midnight Screaming magazine (Kara Ferguson, editor) and at Woodland Press for their Mountain Magic anthology (Brian J. Hatcher, editor). Also one being looked at for Sam's Dot Publishing's Infradead anthology (Tyree Campbell and J. Alan Erwine, co-editors).

I have attended several conventions and events since my last posting, in Jackson, MS and Memphis. I spoke to the Southwest Tennessee Freelance Writers Guild last month about self-editing.

Last, but certainly not least, Cineline Productions and Stephen Zimmer are working on a short independent film based on my novel Ascendant. Readings are being done now and I have been told the shot schedule is done. The film should be available for viewing early in 2011.

And I continue to work on many projects, attend events, and try to keep my sanity. I hope to remain at least as successful as I have in the past doing it all...

Many thanks to Mitchell Davidson Bentley for the cover art on Emperor!