Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay, so it's been over a month since my last post. I promised one a month, and it looks like I may just make it in under the wire.

The big news is that Swordbearer, the indie film based on my novel Ascendant, is under production. Stephen Zimmer, the director, gave a marvelous summary of the process so far in his great blog Fantastical Musings, so I'll not add anything to that except to say that I had a great time working as a mostly-anonymous extra. The experience is one I will treasure, and I look forward to going back in September for the final battle scene. This project, from what I understand, is something out of the ordinary for independent filmmaking, being a fantasy film. All I know is that I was delighted and a little overwhelmed by the expertise, enthusiasm, and enterprise shown by everyone on the set. It was a moving experience to see my characters come to life, but it was a humbling one to see how dedicated each of the people involved were to making it happen.

Many, many thanks to everyone on Swordbearer. You are making a dream come true.

On to other things...

My short story Shed was accepted for the Call of Lovecraft anthology from Papercut Books (J. Travis Grundon, editor). I am deeply honored to be in some very talented company. I understand they had over 300 submissions, and only 11 selected for publication. I am especially happy to be included in an anthology with reprints from two masters: Ramsey Campbell (Cold Print) and HPL himself (Pickman's Model). Can anybody say fanboy moment?

Sam's Dot Publishing accepted End Game for their Infradead anthology (Tyree Campbell and J. Allan Erwine, co-editors), to appear very shortly. I have not heard from Midnight Screaming about Person-to-Person, but then again I haven't received a rejection letter. I take that as a good sign. The Real Magic, my submission to Woodland Press for the Mountain Magic anthology, missed the deadline. Thanks to Brian Hatcher for letting me know about it. I will work harder in future to ensure the works get there on time.

Emperor, my newest novel, will be appearing in March 2010. I hope to convince the folks at MidSouthCon in Memphis to let me have the premiere there. I'll let you know how that goes.

I have promised book reviews for several people, and I will be doing that and posting them soon. Look for reviews on books by Elizabeth Donald, M. B. Weston, and Stephen Zimmer.

Now, if I can just find some time to write...