Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Under the Wire

That's what this blog is. I promised to try to get in one a month, and almost missed this one.

It has been very busy this month, but the highlight has to have been MidSouthCon 29. I won't post any pictures here, because there are a ton of them on my Facebook page. I will just say that, if you didn't make it, you missed it! MidSouthCon this year was in a great location, had great GoHs, and the crowd had to have been double what it was last year. All in all, it was the best MSC I have attended, and I have been to a LOT of them. Multi-kudos to the con-com, staff, security, and hotel for a magnificent job.

Attending were some of the most talented people I know. [Name dropping mode on] Stephen Zimmer, Elizabeth Donald, Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, Jackie Gamber, Tyree Campbell, Windsong Levitch, Robert Krog, Angelia Sparrow, Stephanie Osborn, Kara Ferguson, Mitch Foust, Jim Hall, Dean Zachary.... the list goes on and on. [Name dropping mode off] And that's just the people I know. There were a whole group I didn't know or were just barely acquainted with. I shared a panel with Kara Ferguson (Midnight Screaming Magazine) and Laura Underwood and Lynn Stranathan (Yard Dog Press) on writing research, and one with Ruth Souther (a fascinating character and entertaining conversationalist, to say the least) and Jenny Oldenburg (an up and coming writer) on creative writing. The changing weather attacked me on Saturday night and finally defeated me on Sunday. I gave in to the sinus headache, went home and took a badly needed painkiller and nap. Apparently, I don't tolerate late nights as well as I once did.

I did get to attend the screening of Swordbearer right after the Opening Ceremonies. Once again I was struck by the great job everyone did on the film, and the input from the audience was that they appreciated it as well.

The first issue of parABnormal Digest came out and premiered at MSC. The Digest was a big hit on both the Sam's Dot table and Robert Krog's (his story Babies' Breath got cover billing). It didn't hurt that the Editor GoH had a story in the Digest. Robert sold out of his story collection The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, already in its second edition, so congrats to him!

In news that doesn't bear on MSC, I finished the manuscript on Angelkiller and sent it along to the publisher. I hope to hear about it soon. I am now working on finishing stories for the new Dreams of Steam 2 anthology from Kerlak Publishing, a story for the Southern Haunts anthology, and reading for the September issue of the Digest.

Seems I'll be busy for a while.