Sunday, April 24, 2011

Generic Title for Post

April. And yet another blog post. Thank goodness I didn't promise to blog once a week.

The majority of this month has been taken up with personal and family matters, which will remain so. I don't mind sharing my writing and Imagicopter activities with you, but I never understood the wish to bare one's soul to the world. I guess I'm just a dinosaur when it comes to privacy issues. Oh well, there is a little to talk about.

The first issue of parABnormal Digest has received some very encouraging feedback. The writers and artists featured in the Digest wrote to say how much they like the publication. That is very encouraging. The fact that the people who put their effort into participating approve of the look and feel of the publication in which their name appears is important. The editors of any publication need to remember that the magazine or book not only represents the company, it also represents the writers and artists. It needs to be professional both in appearance and quality. I hope PD will always be both. I have begun reading for the next issue and have some very unusual and excellently written pieces on hand. The new issue's cover art, by Sandy Deluca, is a marvelous piece entitled "Valerie" and instantly caught my attention with its combination of innocence and timelessness. Sandy is a very talented artist and I look forward to seeing much more from her in future.

The new issue of Shelter of Daylight came out this month, featuring my story Sands of the Marid. The story was supposed to come out last October, but fell through the cracks, as it were, and didn't appear. I'm glad it has finally come out. I wrote that story back in 2006 and it is part of a backlog of short stories I am constantly finding in notebooks hiding in the dark, shadowy corners of my office. Really, my office is one of those rooms you don't want to go into with a weapon. No telling what's lurking in there.

I am looking forward to the appearance of my novella High Kings early next month, and Angelkiller (which has now become the first in a series of three books, to my surprise) to appear sometime later this year, probably closer to September.

Imagicopter is having its third birthday in August. We will be having an extended birthday party the third week of August featuring a lot of the writers and artists as well as the announcement of the Table of Contents for the anthology, which is currently tentatively entitled Clockwork Spells (and, yes, that is the first known appearance of that title). We hope to have work from people like Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, Bill Eakin, A. Christopher Drown, Roland Mann, and many more, with artwork from the Bielaczyc brothers and Sam Flegal. I was sorry to hear that Elizabeth Donald would not be participating. Can't have everything, I suppose.

Okay, I think we're caught up. On into May, and hopefully more interesting tidbits. Until next time.