Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Pause to Catch My Breath

August signaled the end of work on parABnormal Digest for a bit, a finalizing of the Imagicopter anthology Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells, and a chance for me to catch my breath. There were some significant personal events -- birthdays and anniversaries and such -- but the business of writing hit a metaphorical comma. I am currently critiquing some manuscripts for friends, trying to reduce a pile I had allowed to grow too high. Before I dive back into writing, I want to get those done and the critique to the writers. They have been very patient with me, and I appreciate that.

In the middle of all the summer activity, I was happy to be invited to write for the upcoming Adventurers in Hell anthology, edited by Janet Morris. AIH is the second in the resurrected Heroes in Hell series that began in 1986. I completed the requested story and sent it along for consideration. Have yet to hear back. Will keep you updated.

Next month I celebrate a birthday. I could turn morbid and talk about how much I enjoy every day vice the alternative, but I won't. I think everyone past 50 knows what I mean, and those younger will soon. Nuff said.

Upcoming in the next few months, with any luck, are the second drafts of Deity, Boathouse, Traitor Angel, and three short stories for various publications. I will be headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas, in November for an event and possibly to Vicksburg, Mississippi, in December. My traveling is going to scale back while I concentrate more on the writing side of my career. I will, however, still try to make as many events as I can. Can't completely forget the business side of being a writer.

Speaking of which, back to the salt mines. Stay cool!