Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Here it is, the last day of 2011. Within just a few hours, we start a brand new year. I should be reviewing my accomplishments of the past year and making plans for what's next, but I just want to get through midnight tonight in one piece.

There are so many projects on the horizon, I just want to spend a few hours in the company of family and friends, passing the time and having fun. Work can wait. Heck, it's Saturday! The weekend is supposed to be a break from the routine anyway, right?

Tonight I'm gonna forget about the upcoming Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells anthology, featuring 19 very talented writers and artists, by Kerlak Publishing. I'm going to think about something other than my latest novel release, Angelkiller, from Seventh Star Press and how it's available in print and digital formats. I'm not even going to consider the fact that my short story The Shed will be featured in the upcoming Call of Lovecraft anthology from Evil Jester Press, nor that I'm still reading for the next issue of Sam's Dot Publishing's parABnormal Digest, which comes out in March. I won't even think about how my story "Chasing the Key" will be in the Adventurers in Hell anthology from Perseid Press.

I could dwell on the fact I'll be a guest at the 2012 Mysticon in Roanoke, MidSouthCon XXX in Memphis, and Duckon 21 in Chicago, but I won't. I could wonder how things will go at Shadowcon in a couple days, or how the half-dozen soon-to-be planned Imagicopter events for 2012 will be received, but not tonight.

I could mull over the guest post I did for Darlene's Book Nook and the interview in the Ginger Nuts of Horror blogsite, but why go over them again?

Nope, I won't be working on the manuscripts of Deity for Sam's Dot Publishing, or Traitor Angel for Seventh Star Press. I won't be working on the story for Visionaries from Hell for Perseid Publishing or book reviews or commentary or anything tonight.

Tonight, I'm going to relax, have a drink, and enjoy the company. Tomorrow can take care of itself.

What's that dear? Publisher on the phone?

Tell 'em I'm dead.