Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Write Pulp?

A few days ago I attended PulpArk 2012 in Batesville, Arkansas, a convention conceived and hosted by Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Press. I had a great time and got a chance to meet some wonderful talent like John Lucas, Will Mangin, Levi White, and the entire stable of Pro Se Press writers. Also attending were my old friends Robert and Ana Krog, JL Mulvihill, Stuart "Shorty" Bergman, Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, Georgia Jones, Selina Rosen and Lynn Stranathan, and the inimitable Sean Taylor. One thing I realized as I sat at my table and watched the antics of my fellow conventioneers: until I met Tommy, it never occured to me that what I typically write used to be called pulp fiction.

As a boy, I was fascinated with the fiction of the first half of the 20th century. It heavily influences the writing I do (and sometimes actually sell) even today. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered it being called pulp, but I never thought I might actually be considered among that company until now. I am delighted at the description. I am more delighted that Tommy has expressed an interest in me writing for one or more of Pro Se's publications.

I currently am involved in several writing projects. Besides the novels Deity for Sam's Dot Publishing and Traitor Angel for Seventh Star Press, I am working on a story for the Dreams of Steam III anthology from Kerlak Publishing. If I can manage it, I would like to grind out a story for SSP's anthology call. I already have stories scheduled to appear this year from Perseid Press (in the Rogues of Hell anthology) and Evil Jester Press (in the Call of Lovecraft anthology). Add to those my editing duties on parABnormal Digest and I have a full ticket. I sent Pro Se a story, Kelly's Beast, which was bought for an anthology that never appeared, but have yet to hear back. Tommy's been ill for some time. Hope he's better soon.

Anyway, I'm gratified to see pulp fiction getting a new audience. The stories with real heroes and villains are always easier to read and more enjoyable than the angst-ridden "fiction" of the last couple of decades. If I wanted real-life panic in my entertainment, I'd watch the news.

I'm going to dedicate May to my writing. My next convention isn't until Fandom Fest in Louisville, so I have some time to try to catch up. Will keep you posted. Til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry!