Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer of Argh

Okay, here it comes. The summer I find out what it's like to be too busy to breathe.

Coming this weekend I have several panels at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY. Here's my schedule in case you're interested and haven't anything better to do (and who does?)

Friday, June 29, 2012

4:00 pm - Making the Most out of a Convention or Book Fair (Beckham Room)

Panel Features: Kirk Stevens(M), D.A. Adams, H. David Blalock, Ren Garcia, Kathryn Sullivan

Saturday, June 30, 2012

10:00 am - How to Assemble a Winning Anthology (Jones Room)

Panel Features: Jason Sizemore, Eric Beebe, Kimberly Richardson, Lee Martindale (M), H. David Blalock

11:30 am - Exploring Genres: Epic Fantasy (Beckham Room)

Panel Features: Carol Malcolm (M) H. David Blalock, Terry W. Ervin, Gail Z Martin, Laura Resnick, Robin Hobb

2:30 pm - Lovecraft’s Influence on Today’s Speculative Fiction (Morrow Room)

Panel Features: Michael West, Joe Dickerson, Eric Beebe, H. David Blalock, Tally Johnson

7:00 pm - Creating Heroes to Believe In (Beckham Room)

Featured Panelists: A. Christopher Drown, Gail Z Martin, Timothy Zahn, H. David Blalock, Lee Martindale (M)

Sunday July 1, 2012

2:30pm - Take a Flight on the Imagicopter: (Jones Room)

Panel Features: H. David Blalock, J.L. Mulvihill, Herika Raymer

The best thing about the panels I am on is that most of them don't require me to say anything at all. I.e., the panels on Epic Fantasy and Creating Heroes have really large names who will probably know more about the subjects than I could hope to relate. I may pipe up once in a while, but I plan to do a lot of listening. A man has to know his limitations.

I am pleased that two of the moderators, Kirk Stevens and Lee Martindale, are very good at their jobs. I really look forward to those panels in particular. I want to thank Stephen Zimmer and the whole Fandom Fest organization for including me in the event.

On to the writing part of the blog.

Traitor Angel will be done within the next few days. I must say this book has taken me places I never expected and that really annoys me no end. I hate it when characters don't behave. A few of them will not survive the last book because of that. Yes, I said it.

I have placed Deity back one in the queue. The main reason for that is because I have been recruited to write a story for the upcoming New Adventures of Foster Fade. Pro Se Press is resurrecting several characters created by the immortal Lester Dent and I have the honor of participating in their being reintroduced. 

I have always enjoyed pulp fiction. The Doc Savage books were companions in my youth and Pulp Obscura is dedicated to bringing them back. I hope to be a part of this effort for years to come.

The next issue of parABnormal Digest is finalizing. Hope to have all the coordination with my co-editor Terrie Lee Relf done and the magazine ready for SDP very soon. I recently signed the publishing contracts from Evil Jester Press for The Shed (Call of Lovecraft anthology, Gregory Norris editor) and Perseid Press for Chasing the Key (Rogues in Hell anthology, Janet and Chris Morris editors). Looking forward to them coming out soon. Have begun work on a story for the next in the Morris' HIH series, but haven't developed it enough to submit the idea for approval yet. No word from Kerlak Publishing about my submission for Dreams of Steam III. I won't talk about the rejections I have received. Just let it be said they still outnumber the acceptances.

Back to the notebooks. Til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry.