Friday, February 22, 2013

Wait a Second, Month!

February has not been kind to yours truly. However, every writer has at least one month each year (s)he'd like to forget, so I guess it's good I got mine out of the way early.

I got a polite rejection slip from Shimmer for my short story No More Running, but as consolation I can look forward to the appearance soon of the short stories Grudge Match from Pro Se Press, Eclipse over Elmwood from Dark Oak Media, The Last Frontier in Dreams of Steam III, and (maybe) Identity Crisis in the Big Bad Anthology. I continue to finalize Doom Angel for Seventh Star Press and work on other stories for open anthologies. Currently under consideration for publication is On The Edge, The Price of Immortality (reprint), and Hero. I'm writing stories for submission to Robert Krog's Pirate anthology and Pro Se's Sixguns and Spaceships, and rewriting a couple of others for resurrection.

Due to personal reasons, I was unable to attend Mysticon this year. I hope to be able to make the con next year, however. I do fully intend to make it to Midsouthcon in Memphis next month. I have only missed one or two of them since the middle 1990s, and those because of illness.

Not much in the way of writing news otherwise. Life has a way of pushing to the front of the line at times. More later as it appears. Til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry.