Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marching On...

So, March is over and quite a lot happened.Of course, the highlight of the month was Midsouthcon 31 in Memphis, Tennessee. I received an education in steampunk, cyberpunk, and dieselpunk all at once while sitting on a panel. That, plus fighting a bout of the aggravating gout, made for an interesting three days. Nevertheless, I did get the chance to touch base with several publishers and fellow writers.

Many congratulations to Robert Krog for his winning the Best Novela Darrell Award for A Bagful of Eyes (Sams Dot Publishing) and to A. Christopher Drown for his first runner-up for Best Short Story, The Milkshake Story (Sky-Tinted Waters anthology, Sams Dot Publishing, ). Both awards are well deserved.

Three anthologies were debuted at Midsouthcon that contained my short stories.

First was the latest in the Kerlak/Dark Oak Press steampunk series, Dreams of Steam III: Gadgets (Kimberly Richardson, editor). It features The Last Frontier, a James Mayberry story. Mayberry is fast becoming my steampunk adventurer character. I may continue to develop him, as I understand there is likely to be another Dreams of Steam call sometime soon.

Second was the Seventh Star Press anthology Perfect Flaw (Robin Blankenship, editor). My story Guardian appears in that one.

Lastly, also from Seventh Star Press, was Southern Haunts (Alexander S. Brown and J.L. Mulvihill, editors), in which An Eclipse over Elmwood resides.

There are still a few more stories to come out yet from Pro Se Press (Grudge Match), Dark Oak Press (Identity Crisis), and Ink Monkey Press (Ninjabot and possibly He Who Hesitates). I did have my share of story rejections as well, but that's to be expected, I guess. Not every story will find a home the first time. The rejected stories have been rewritten and sent on their way again. Those and the others I have in the notebooks will, I hope, fill out the year with new publications.

Have set a personal goal of May 31st to finish the manuscript for the last of the Angelkiller Triad, Doom Angel. After that, it's back to the novels and short stories running up against short deadlines in June. Wish me luck.

Til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry.