Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh April Rain!

Well, the shadow which was April is past, and I can't say I'm sorry. Except for two or three bright spots, the month in general has been physically and emotionally hard. But enough said about that.

I am still shooting for May 31st to finish Doom Angel. The feedback I got from reviewers on the first two books has molded this one into something a bit different that I first intended, but I believe it still retains the original impact. I hope the ending is something unexpected by the reader yet, upon reflection, inevitable. The Angelkiller Triad has been a statement of my philosophy on life as much as an urban fantasy story. It has been cathartic to write, and I hope it is a series the readers will be able to savor for years to come.

I promised another Thran Chronicles book to Sams Dot before the management change. I don't think I will be finishing that one anytime soon, at least not until White Cat shows it is capable of handling the titles it has already adopted. I may just take Deity elsewhere for publication, depending on when the manuscript gets finished.

I was disappointed I missed PulpArk 2013, but glad to hear it was such a success. I spent that weekend with my younger daughter and her family for her birthday. Hopefully next year the two will not coincide and I can attend both.

My laptop gave up the ghost a week or so ago, and the cost to fix it was much the same as the cost of a new one. So it is, I have parted the ways with my old friend (whose acquisition is a story in itself) and will be moving on to another shortly. I have been using a notebook computer, which is the same as a real computer only hit by the shrink ray from Despicable Me. I honestly don't see how anyone can use one of those for an extended period of time without developing some very nasty finger cramps.

Sometime in May I will he headed to Birmingham for the Alabama Phoenix Festival. This will be my first time there, so I'm looking forward to finding out all about it.

Anyway, I need to get back to the notebooks. Happy spring, everyone! And, til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry!