Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Like a Lion...

March 2014. Quite an eventful month. Of course, every year at this time I attend MidSouthCon in Memphis and for the tenth time in sixteen years I received recognition for my writing from the Darrell Award Jury. Although I've only won once (back in 2000 for a short story), it's still nice to be noticed by the readers and have my work featured.

As a consolation, the final volume of the Angelkiller books, Doom Angel, finally appeared in March from Seventh Star Press. I am grateful to have this series finished and that it has received favorable reviews so far. The book made its first official appearance at MidSouthCon.

I was very impressed with this cover art by Matthew Perry. Matt has been doing the artwork for many of SSP's releases and I'm very fortunate he was assigned to the Angelkiller books. This cover has been cheered by pretty much everyone and there's no wonder. It is a remarkable piece of work.

Next, we have the release of Southern Haunts 2: Devils in the Darkness, also from Seventh Star Press, which contains my short story "Jack in the Box." It's been described as the kind of story you'd hear around a campfire in a horror film. This second Southern Haunts is also edited by Alexander S. Brown. There is already a story call for a third, for which I have submitted a story called "Granny Wise." Hope to hear whether it has been accepted after the deadline expires in May.

To round out the releases for March, the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology became available for sale. Although Hermit Studios Press is a European entity, through the wondrous medium of the Internet I was able to participate as an editor and contributor on that project. The people involved were a wonderful bunch of talented folks and it was great working with them. I look forward to the next anthology.

I've completed my first couple of assignments as editor for Pro Se Press. Editing for others helps me with my own work, which right now consists of working on stories for three story calls as well as clearing out six stories in my backlog. Among those are a series of mystery stories that should appear quarterly beginning in August. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming issue of The Martian Wave from Nomadic Delirium Press, which should contain my short story "Object in the Sand". It should appear shortly.

That's about it for now. Til next time, stay low and keep your powder dry!