Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer's Here and Writing's Heating Up

May is almost gone and with it the temperatures outside are rising. My writing has begun to pick up pace accordingly as the dreariness of the hard winter subsides. Beside the editing jobs I've assumed for Pro Se Press here in the US and Hermit Studios Press in Denmark, I have been working on my own writing. The manuscript for the first of the Velvet Wasp Cases has gone to the publisher for editing and final approval. I look forward to seeing that series start in August.

I received acceptance for my story Stolen Thunder for Dark Oak's Realms of Imagination anthology (Kimberly Richardson, editor). This is a reprint. It originally appeared on the web back in 2003. I'm glad it will see actual print and that DOP thought it deserved to be presented to their readership.

Two original stories, No More Running and A Last Riddle, will be appearing in the upcoming Rat-a-Tat: Short Bursts of Pulp anthology from Pro Se Press. I expect it to appear before fall.

Lastly for now, my story The Price of Immortality, another reprint, will appear in the November issue of Bloodbond from Alban Lake Press. This is one of my rare vampire stories, so don't miss it. I don't write vampire fiction that often... well, practically never.

J. Alan Erwine's Nomadic Delirium Press has finally released the 2014 issue of The Martian Wave science fiction magazine for pre-order. It contains my story Object in the Sand. Pick up a copy when you get a chance.

I invite all of you to take some time to yourselves this summer and enjoy life. If you can, get away and relax. If you can't bring yourself to detach from the clocks and iPhones, then at least look up once in a while and realize there's more to life than computer screens, email, and texting.

Meanwhile, I'll be heading to Hypericon 9 in Nashville, TN. I intend to have fun while I'm there, just FYI.

That's all for now. Remember to stay low and keep your powder dry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What a Winter

The winter of 2013-2014 is one of the nastiest I personally remember. Not since the ice storm of '94 have I seen the amount of damage we went through this last year, but even then the damage didn't extend over such a wide area and so severely. I was very glad to see the beginning of spring.

Except for the inevitable tax season, April was uneventful. I was able to complete a couple of projects and get some real progress accomplished on several others. My backlog shrunk by a little and some work I hadn't been able to get to for some time finally began to appear at the bottom of the TBD pile. 

Writerly news: I currently have a new interview up on Sean Taylor's blog and my Facebook page is approaching 16.000 likes. I have signed up with Pro Se Press to participate in their new Single Shot Signature Line with a series of pulp tales called The Velvet Wasp Cases. The first of the four tales is scheduled to begin in August and will continue quarterly.

Nomadic Delirium Press still hasn't released their 2014 issue of Martian Wave magazine, but I'm confident that J. Alan Erwine, the editor, will soon get it done. Last I heard he was having trouble filling the issue. I'm sure that had something to do with the recent unpleasantness with Sam's Dot and White Cat leaking over into NDP, which is most unfortunate. J is a great guy and I have nothing but high praise for his work.

Beside the Velvet Wasp story I'm working on, I have a new James Mayberry steampunk tale for Dark Oak Press' next Dreams of Steam anthology. I hope Kimberly Richardson thinks it's worthy to be included. I have also started the final work on Deity, the last of the Thran Chronicles books, that should have been completed years ago but got continually pushed back by short deadlines. As an independent work, it had to take back seat to contractual obligations.

I will be attending Hypericon 9 in June in Nashville, TN, but that should be my last bit of writing-related travel until fall. It'll be nice to catch up with my friend Stephen Zimmer. I'm not sure what kind of panels I'll be on, but once I know, I'll post it here and on my Facebook page.

That's all for now. Til next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry!