Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Heat

June is nearly gone and so many projects have come to fruition. Beside problems with the house, things in general have been quite satisfactory.

I attended Hypericon 9 and had a great time. My friend Sam Flegal was the artist guest of honor. The con itself is one of the friendliest I attend and the committee treat their guests very well. Kudos to the entire staff for a job well done! I got to reconnect with the inimitable Stephen Zimmer, the vivacious Elizabeth Donald, the unstoppable Jimmy Gillentine (hope you're recovering well) and met Iscah, a talented up-and-coming fantasy writer. The panels were well-attended on the whole and the audience was engaged and participated sometimes more readily than the panelists. I was delighted to be invited back and am looking forward to next year.

On the writing front, I was notified of several acceptances and a couple of rejections. Pro Se Press released Rat-a-tat! Short Bursts of Pulp, containing my two short stories A Last Riddle and No More Running. Dark Oak Press announced the impending release of the Realms of Imagination anthology (Kimberly Richardson, editor) which contains my short story Stolen Thunder. And I received notice that Alban Lake Publishing was accepting my short stories The Price of Immortality for their Bloodbond Magazine November 2014 issue and Uncle Bill's Boys for their Disturbed Magazine December 2014 issue. I continue to work on several story calls. I have a new James Mayberry adventure for the next Dark Oak Press Dreams of Steam anthology, a dark humor piece for the Seventh Star Press Gothic Gnome anthology, continue to work on the novel for Alban Lake Press, as well as the second Velvet Wasp Case for Pro Se Press.

All in all, a full schedule in writing. But there is also another side to this summer.

I have completed several editing assignments for both Pro Se Press and Hermit Studios Press. I expect to hear more from them as time goes along. I edit general projects for Pro Se, including story collections, novellas, and such. For Hermit Studios, my duties are around the upcoming NovoPulp 2014/2015 Anthology. I am also editing a short novel for my friend Micha Fire. I don't usually do personal editing, but this one intrigued me and so I accepted the assignment. It has proved a most interesting story, not my usual cup of tea. I hope Micha finds my editing and revision to be useful.

The editing assignments keep coming. They keep me busy as well. Which is fine by me. Editing not only helps me hone my skills, but shows me what is currently accepted by editors in general.

My next convention isn't until August 16th, when I will be in Little Rock at the invitation of Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Press. I will be vacationing with the family in Florida next month, something I am especially looking forward to, as we haven't be able to get everyone together for a very long time.

After the August convention it will be off to Kentucky for the Imaginarium convention. This is Stephen Zimmer's brainchild and I will do everything I can to help make it a great success.

Well, that's about it for this time. Look forward to seeing everyone in Little Rock and in Louisville. Til next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry!