Monday, January 26, 2015

What is Waiting in the Wings

2015. Hard to believe. I will soon be eligible for Social Security but, as I was exempt from the program, can't claim it. Never mind. Other things are hopefully coming out this year that may delight and entertain.

I have several stories that have submitted over the last several months yet to appear. Here's a rundown on them as of today.

I have been assured by Pro Se Press that the first Velvet Wasp tale (O Death, Where is Thy Sting?) is to appear very shortly and another tale, which I cannot further discuss due to contract restrictions, is in the works.

My story The Hard Part will appear in the NovoPulp anthology, volume 2 (Niamh Brown, editor), from Hermit Studios Press.

I have an acceptance in hand for Granny Wise for Southern Haunts 3: Magic in the Moonlight (Dark Oak Press, Alexander Brown editor). Another submission for that publisher's Tales of the Goth Gnome anthology (Homer and the Little Man Under the Tree) remains in limbo. I did have encouraging feedback on my latest submission (The China Incident) for their Dreams of Steam VI anthology (Kimberly Richardson, editor) and the one I sent (The Game) for their Interstellar Bartender anthology (Aubrey Stephens, editor).

I received a heartening mention from Ink Monkey Mag indicating that my short stories What is a Ninjabot? (Blink! anthology, Mandi Lynch, editor) and Ned and the Tomatoes (The Tomato anthology, Kay Iscah and Mandi Lynch, editors, in association with Amoeba Ink) should come out sometime this year.

I have submitted a short story (Below Tennessee) to Charon Coin Press' State of Horror: Tennessee anthology (Jerry Benn, editor) but received no word yet on that one.

I recently penned several scripts for Claude D. Miles' comedy web series The Mysteries of Science. With any luck, and some funding, they should get produced this year and appear on their YouTube channel.

This is not to say I haven't had a few rejections. I prefer to concentrate on the successes rather than the failures, however. I learn from the rejections and move on. Dwelling on what you have done wrong without learning from it is counter-productive.

Alban Lake Publishing
I continue to work as an editor for both Pro Se Press and Hermit Studios Press (Denmark). I am also currently serving as editor-in-chief of an upcoming anthology from Alban Lake Publishing, The Idolaters of Cthulhu. We have had some really excellent tales submitted for that collection and I hope to put together something the fans of the Mythos will enjoy.

Earlier this year I attended Shadowcon XIX at their new location in West Memphis, Arkansas. I got a chance to reconnect with my friends/publishers/fellow writers, which is always a pleasure. My next convention will be Midsouthcon in Memphis, TN then on to Madison, IN for the Book Fair. I hope to see some of you there. Stop by and say hello.

Enough puttering. I need to get back to the notebooks. Til next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry!