Friday, July 31, 2015

Halfway Through the Year

Here we are at the last day of July. Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the new year.

The biggest news for me is the release of The Idolaters of Cthulhu anthology. It was a long road, but I got to work with some very talented writers and I'm doing everything I can to promote this unique look at the Cthulhu Mythos. The book trailer was posted today to YouTube. Take a look.

I am personally proud of the anthology and the managing editor at Alban Lake Publishing is already talking about doing another.

In other news, my short story The Boat will be included in the upcoming Potter's Field 5 anthology, also from Alban Lake Publishing. Here's the cover art for that one. Very atmospheric. 

Potter's Field 5 cover
I am also participating in the anthology benefiting my friend Tommy Hancock who has a serious medical condition. My short story Fifty went in to Airship27 for that last night. Thanks to Ron Fortier for helming this project. Tommy is editor in chief of Pro Se Productions and so hard-working he puts everybody else I know to shame. 

The Mysteries of Science, the comedy web series from by Catnippery Productions, will be debuting on Roku TV tomorrow on the INC channel. I have been allowed to peek at the episodes produced from my scripts and the crew did a great job! Catch them all, but especially the ones beginning August 21st! (shameless plug)

Otherwise in July, we had a fantastic get-together at the house on the 4th. A friend we hadn't seen in almost 20 years brought his wife and sons, the family and regular gang was there. There was a massive feast and a mind-boggling fireworks display exploded over my front lawn. I can truly say it was the best 4th in years.

Anyway, that's it for right now. I hope to have more news soon. Til then, stay low and keep your powder dry.