Thursday, September 3, 2015

Looking Toward 2016

August was an interesting month for me. Besides a personal anniversary and a family birthday we didn't think we might see because of a previous medical condition, I was able to finish editing and promote The Idolaters of Cthulhu anthology, saw two of my own short stories appear, got the word that my short story collection would come out the first of this month (and so it has!), and attended the River City Comic Expo where I made several new connections. August has in the past been eventful and this one was par for the course.

Imagicopter is getting a facelift for its website and I understand the Imagyro magazine will be rebooting soon with the help of Emily Mottesheard and Herika R. Raymer. It will be good to see that publication online with new material, interviews, and reviews.

My script work for Claude D. Miles' The Mysteries of Science has borne fruit and is now appearing on Roku TV on the Independent Channel. It's given me more entries for my IMDB listing. A couple of scripts have yet to be produced, I understand, but the crew have done a wonderful job so far.

My Facebook page continues to grow. It currently entertains (I hope!) over 125,000 members. I really enjoy keeping that page as current as possible with things that interest and entertain me, and apparently lots of other people.

I invite everyone to check out my latest interview on Terrie Leigh Relf's website. I've had the pleasure of working with Terrie in the past and, although it's unlikely we'll ever meet in person, look forward to doing so in future. It's fascinating how friendly you can become with people over the interwebs without ever actually speaking with them or meeting them personally.

As this year winds down, I look forward to diving into some new work. I have begun writing on a novel I'm calling Dreamwalker and another with the working title of Body Count. The first is a dark fantasy and the second is a hard science fiction thriller. With any luck, and barring disaster, I should have both finished by this time next year. I have to finish the detective stories for Pro Se Press yet and am completing an editing assignment for them and one for Hermit Studios. Along with all that, I have several miscellaneous short stories to fill in the (little bit of) time I have in between.

Some of you may know I am a fan of ancient and military histories. I have found myself more and more active on the social media discussion pages about both. Besides being a great distraction from the writing, they are a nice way to converse with people of like mind. I have even been invited to and accepted a contributorship to one of the better Facebook pages on archaeology. I have no letters behind my name and make no claim to being an expert on the field but I am an enthusiastic amateur very willing to learn.

So, here are some links to my latest work. Please click on the image you like, have a look and let me know what you think.

Here you will find my short story The Boat and tales of the lost and forgotten.
I'm very pleased to announce this collection of my short stories from Pro Se Press. I hope you will enjoy them. There is fantasy, science fiction, horror, and even a little comedy here to entertain and amuse.
Besides being the editor for this newest, most unique look at the venerable Cthulhu Mythos, it contains my short story He Who Hesitates. It was a great honor being included amongst the number of award-winning authors.
COMING SOON from Seventh Star Press, the third in the series. My contribution is the short story Granny Wise.

That's all for now. Until next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry!