Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writing, Editing, and Generally Staying Busy

The projects are piling up behind this one manuscript I agreed to edit. Novels are more difficult to edit than short stories, of course, but this one has been an exceptional challenge. 

Anyway, September came and went too quickly. I had a birthday... again. I finished some projects and started too many more. Had a booksigning at BookStop Plus in Bartlett, TN, which was fun. 

Just submitted Angelkiller for consideration with Voyage Media. I know there has been a lot of similar material on television and movies recently, but I hope the twist on the story will sell it to producers for scripting.

So, in other news, The Idolaters of Cthulhu hit new highs on Amazon, topping out at #45 in Horror Anthologies. I am gratified to see so much interest in this anthology and delighted that a large audience is going to be able to read the great stories. I invite you to visit its Facebook page for updates.

As a writer, I have begun to stretch into several other genres beside horror, scifi, and fantasy. I have had publications of detective fiction, comedy, poetry, and even political commentary. None of those, though, attract me to writing as much as horror. There is something about writing horror that touches me at a visceral level, especially psychological horror. The nature of fear is primal, something we all experience and try to avoid. When faced with it, we all react pretty much the same way -- escape. Facing that fear, dealing with it, is the hardest thing we do as human beings. It is what we call courage, grit, determination. Horror fiction is all about overcoming or succumbing to fear. It is about both courage and cowardice, wisdom and foolishness. Fascinating stuff.

Given all that, my favorite pieces of work oddly enough aren't the horror fiction I have written. Instead, my very favorite is a short piece called To Our Brothers I wrote about 20 years ago. It still echoes in my mind when I read it. My readers have reacted best to my stories Remembering Krempla, Stolen Thunder, Eclipse over Elmwood, and Camouflage but that little letter from the end of humanity lingers in my memory as my masterpiece to date.

I continue to try to find that chord I struck in Brothers, so far without success. Even if I never do again, at least I have that one under my belt.

So, stop by my website for links to my past work and visit me on Facebook for continuing adventures! 

That's all for now. Til next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry!