Friday, April 1, 2016

A Brief Note

My apologies to MidSouthCon. I was visiting family and friends in the Republic of Panama that week and missed the convention. I look forward to catching everyone next time.

I do hope to attend Hypericon in Nashville this June and then Imaginarium in Louisville in October. My convention schedule is becoming a bit less busy now that I'm not chasing the dream as hard.

There are a couple of Kickstarters I recommend. Of course, the Tomato Slices one I posted about before is close to my heart. However, the other is a project for a close friend, Stephen Zimmer, who is trying to start up a television series based on one of his characters. You can find the details here

On the writing front, I just sent in a story to Sean Taylor for review. He is putting together an anthology containing noir stories based on rock'n'roll songs. My submission is titled A Second Chance. Hope it gets in on the first. :)

I have to mention the loss of a writer friend, Logan Masterson, a few days ago from suicide related to depression. Creative individuals seem to be particularly susceptible to the vagaries of emotional disruption. Although Logan isn't the first to succumb to this, he surely won't be the last. I urge anyone suffering from depression to seek help immediately before the problem becomes unendurable.

Finally, we are receiving submissions for the new Lovecraftian anthology Miskatonic Dreams and are open to submissions until June 30. If you are interested in submitting, check out the guidelines and drop us a note at miskatonicdreams(at)

I am about to plunge back into editing for the next few months. It promises to be a busy spring and summer but I'll do my best to keep you updated each month on progress.

Til next time, remember to stay low and keep your powder dry.