Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Miskatonic Dreams

It's been a while since my last entry. It's been busy on this end. A lot has happened, and today I am proud to announce the Table of Contents for the upcoming Lovecraftian anthology from Alban Lake Publishing: 


If These Shadows Could Talk... by James C. Simpson

Dear Mother and Father by Dave Schroeder

Bridges Of Arkham County by Guy Riessen

Residue by Gregory L. Norris

The Darkness Makes Us Whole by S. L. Edwards

How I Died by Jill Hand

Your Special Advocate by Chad Eagleton

Authorised Librarians Only by DJ Tyrer

They Come Crawling by Logan Noble

One Last Death by Eric Tarango

The Accursed Lineage by Aaron Vlek

Miskatonic University Email Updates by Lyssa Wilhelm

Those Were the Days by Robert J. Krog

I am also proud to reveal the cover art for the book, "Come Hither" by James Brey.

(Model: Samantha Novak)

In Arkham, Massachusetts, stands a university steeped in mystery and legend. After its human students have left for their dormitories, its haunted halls often host phantasms of things unspeakable. Its classrooms are never truly empty. Its auditorium reverberates to ghosts of words chanted in other planes. Its library guards tomes not written by human hand. Find out about those times when no human foot strides the halls of nighted Miskatonic University. The truth behind the unexplained sounds from the science wing, the murmuring from the rooms dedicated to music and art is revealed. Learn the meaning of those words drawn in blood there in the basement. Discover actual workings of the late night denizens who brave those passageways.
This project has been a long time in coming and we received so many submissions at the last minute we were swamped. Although there were the inevitable submissions from people who completely disregarded the guidelines and some who nearly made the cut but weren't quite what we wanted, there were too many we couldn't see passing up. So we talked with Alban Lake and got the okay for a companion volume, Miskatonic Nightmares.

Now we will work on the promotion of this remarkable anthology, showcasing the best talent in Lovecraftian horror.